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Initial Consulation

Once it’s determined that there is a chance to improve the horse’s soundness, then a contract will be agreed upon, with a initiation fee of $1500 plus travel expenses.¬†At this stage it is very important that the owner/trainer/rider be present for the work.

If it is determined in the first day’s work that there is no improvement, you receive your money back, minus travel expenses and a $200 fee. If both trainer and customer agree that there is improvement and they would like to continue training an additional two sessions will be scheduled (2 days), they must be done back to back. Each additional day is $200 per day.

After the third day, there will be a maintenance contract of $200 per day. The days can be agreed upon by the customer and trainer.

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"Everything about the horse is simple. It is the human that overcomplicates the simplicity of the work."